Acquire, refine and embed skills for confident and effective communication.

There are times in your career where you simply need an intensive burst of support. You may be working towards a specific event, such as a job interview or a presentation to the Board. Or perhaps you have specific communication skills you want to develop and refine: vocal presence, gravitas, confidence. Maybe you want to perfect your public speaking for work or personal occasions. Or you’re searching for a lightbulb moment of inspiration.

Whatever your situation, this accelerated programme can be tailored to your needs and you will leave the day resourced, confident and prepared.

With expert one-to-one attention, your coach creates a supportive environment in which you will:

  • clarify your development needs
  • experiment with a range of skills and techniques
  • practise and embed new behaviours

This will lead to immediate and enduring change. Accelerated coaching for accelerated results.

Getting Started

It's very easy. Simply:

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  • Complete a questionnaire to identify your goals for the programme

Our team will be in touch to confirm details.

I managed to get the promotion I was seeking, with two people who initially were quite vocal around my communication style not being good enough, now recommending me as someone who sets the standard. People have latched on and want to know the secret to my success – and that is RADA Business.
Head of Investment Bank Payments at major UK Bank
    Is it possible to have shorter sessions?

    In our experience, 2 hours in both the morning and afternoon is the optimum session time. This is to offer you and your Tutor enough time to explore, develop and refine the skills.

    Can I work on a number of areas?

    You can, however this programme is most effective when we prioritise our focus to one or two core outcomes. For example:

    • Refining and rehearsing an upcoming presentation or TED Talk
    • Preparing for an interview or challenging conversation
    • Building confident communication skills
    • Developing physical and vocal presence
    • Using story and narrative techniques to support your messaging

    If you have a number of areas you’d like to explore; your outcomes are linked to a recent promotion or career transition; or if you’d like to explore advanced skills like leadership, inspiring others, managing complex stakeholders, or values and purpose, our Integrated Performance Programme or Elite Performance Programme may better suit your needs. These programmes offer focused time with a senior Performance Coach and a depth of approach supports you with complex needs and priorities.

    Is it possible to combine this one-to-one programme with other forms of support at RADA Business, for example – attendance on another Open Programme?

    Absolutely. Our clients find real value in combining the one-to-one work with a group experience. The most common way to do this is attending an Open Programme and following it up with this one-to-one programme.

    With our senior coaching programmes – Integrated Performance Programme and Elite Performance Programme – we often build in attendance on an Open Programme as part of the client journey. These programmes may also include recommendations to work with additional tutors with expertise in various fields such as media training, body-led psychotherapy and vocal coaching, as well as role-play work with professional actors to rehearse challenging leadership scenarios.

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