Established in 2001, RADA Business makes available the unique skills, assets and experience of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art to train, inspire and entertain individual, institutional and corporate clients. We offer a wide variety of personal development courses, one-to-one performance coaching and team development experiences working with exceptional tutors with professional backgrounds in the performing arts.

The profits from RADA Business are gifted to the Academy to support the next generation of actors and technicians.


  • At the moment we are not recruiting.

Tutors and role players

  • At the moment we are not looking for prospective tutors and role players.


  • We employ RADA graduates on three–four month contracts as part of the Cunard/RADA partnership and are always looking for new RADA-trained actors to go on board. Please email

Equality and diversity policy

RADA Business is committed to promoting equality and diversity, to pursuing non-discriminatory policies and practice and eliminating unfair discrimination on grounds of age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy or maternity, change of gender, religion or belief, class, nationality, colour, ethnic origin, political belief, disability including special needs or length or type of contract (e.g. part-time or fixed-term). This is underpinned by the provisions of the Single Equality Act 2010.

  • RADA undertakes and promotes equality and diversity in recruitment and interviews and in employment, ensuring all staff have rights and responsibilities in relation to the promotion of equality. These rights and responsibilities come from the RADA’s legal duties in promoting equality.
  • In fulfilling the RADA’s commitment to its policy, RADA will communicate to all staff the RADA’s Equality and Diversity Policy, informing them of their responsibilities in promoting and maintaining equality.
  • Ensure all employees are made aware that they have a personal responsibility to create and maintain an environment in which the individual is respected and each employee is accountable for their own behaviour.
  • RADA will not tolerate any acts of discrimination or harassment by staff or students, whether they are carried out intentionally or not, and will deal with such acts under its relevant disciplinary procedures.
  • No member of staff of the Academy will be treated less favourably than any other, except when such treatment is within law and determined by lawful requirements.