Acquire, refine and practise key skills for confident and effective communication. Benefit from focused attention on your personal objectives.

Depending on the specific communication skills you want to perfect: vocal presence, gravitas, confidence, or public speaking for work or personal occasions, we'll match you with an experienced tutor to ensure you get the most out of your training and achieve your goals.

Communication Skills Coaching sessions are personalised and our tutors will address individual needs in depth within a supportive environment. Your tutor will continue to assess your objectives throughout the coaching relationship, and your areas of personal development can be adapted as you progress.

We recommend booking a series of four two-hour sessions spread out over a number of weeks or months, which allows you time to put your training into practice during your coaching and discuss your progress with your tutor. We can work flexibly to create a schedule that suits you and your goals.

  • Boost your personal impact and learn how to influence others in any setting
  • Grow your confidence and remain focused when presenting
  • Improve your vocal presence
  • Understand and manage your body language
  • Prepare for a specific presentation, pitch or interview
  • Work together on specific professional development objectives

Getting Started

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire to establish your personal aims
  • We will match you with a tutor based on your objectives and needs

Further details


  • We can deliver coaching in-house if you have a number of employees who require training
  • We're happy to explore how we can maximise your training budget if you'd like us to coach a number of people

In-person or virtual

  • Coaching can be delivered in-person, virtually, or through a blend of both, according to your needs throughout your programme.

Off-site and overseas

  • We can deliver coaching away from RADA if this suits you better, or internationally if you are not based in the UK. Additional tutor/venue expenses may apply
  • Full-day coaching is available if you are travelling from overseas and have limited time in London
I managed to get the promotion I was seeking, with two people who initially were quite vocal around my communication style not being good enough, now recommending me as someone who sets the standard. People have latched on and want to know the secret to my success – and that is RADA.
Head of Investment Bank Payments at major UK Bank
    When can I get started?

    It would typically take us 2–3 weeks to schedule your first session. This is dependent on your availability and preference, and the availability of your tutor. If you have something that is time sensitive, we will do our best to book your session as soon as possible. Lead times can fluctuate during busy periods.

    How is my Performance Coach chosen?

    We take great care and will match you with a Performance Coach who has the expertise that will best suit your needs, aims and goals. We understand that the relationship between Performance Coach and client is vital to your experience, enjoyment and success when working with us.

    If you are on our Performance Coaching Programme or Elite Performance Programme your Performance Coach will also be an expert in leadership.

    Is it possible to have shorter sessions?

    In our experience 2 hours is the optimum session time. Whilst on some programmes we may recommend running longer sessions, we would strongly urge against anything less than 2 hours. This is to offer you and your Performance Coach enough time to explore, develop and refine the skills in depth.

    Can I work on a number of areas?

    You can, however in our experience the Communication Skills Coaching is most effective when we prioritise our focus to one or two core outcomes. For example:

    • Refining and rehearsing an upcoming presentation or TED Talk
    • Preparing for an interview or challenging conversation
    • Building confident communication skills
    • Developing physical and vocal presence
    • Using story and narrative techniques to support your messaging

    If you have a number of areas you’d like to explore; your outcomes are linked to a recent promotion or career transition; or if you’d like to explore advanced skills like leadership, inspiring others, managing complex stakeholders, or values and purpose, our Performance Coaching Programme or Elite Performance Programme may better suit your needs. These programmes offer focused time with a senior Performance Coach and a depth of approach supports you with complex needs and priorities.

    How long in between sessions?

    We recommend 2–4 weeks between sessions – diary permitting. Some clients like to work more intensively in support of a time sensitive pitch or presentation. Others prefer to work once a month to give more time to practice and reflect between sessions. We will be flexible. We do recommend that there is no longer than 4 weeks between sessions to keep momentum.

    Can you deliver in-person? Can the tutor travel to my office?

    Yes. Sessions can take place at our RADA Business offices, and we can also arrange for a tutor to come to your office should you have a space that fits the requirements. There may be additional travel costs and expenses to cover here too.

    Where possible, we advise that sessions are taken away from your office so that you can fully concentrate on the training with no distractions.


    • A private room with no onlookers
    • A space that is away from disturbing others, and them disturbing you
    • A room with windows that you can open
    • Space big enough for you both to stand and move around comfortably – no fixed furniture e.g. fixed board table.
    Do you deliver coaching virtually/remotely?

    Yes, we are still able to offer coaching sessions virtually via Zoom (or a platform of your choice hosted by you).

    Is it possible to combine one-to-one Coaching with other forms of support at RADA Business, for example – attendance on an Open Course?

    Absolutely. Our clients find real value in combining the one-to-one work with a group experience. The most common way to do this is attending an Open Course and following it up with their one-to-one Communication Skills Coaching programme. You could also choose to undertake an Open Course midway through your Communication Skills Programme.

    With our senior coaching programmes – Performance Coaching Programme and Elite Performance Programme – we often build in attendance on an Open Course as part of the client journey. These programmes may also include recommendations to work with additional tutors with expertise in various fields such as media training, body-led psychotherapy and vocal coaching, as well as role-play work with professional actors to rehearse challenging leadership scenarios.

    Can we do the programme with another person / pair?

    No. Our coaching programmes are all delivered one-to-one in order to ensure the confidential and safe environment between you and the Performance Coach. Your coach will flex their approach and the content to support your individual needs. They will also offer precise and bespoke feedback tailored to you.

    If you’d like to explore a team or group experience we offer Team Coaching. This is a blended programme of group sessions and individual coaching. For example, you may experience 3 x 1-day courses with your team, and each team member will have 2–3 individual coaching sessions. This programme allows us to support you with collective aims as well as individual needs.

    If you have a number of people in your organisation who could benefit from coaching programmes please get in touch with us and we can explore a package for you.

How to book

We look forward to exploring how a Coaching programme can help you achieve your goals. Please complete a pre-coaching questionnaire to guide our conversation with you. Once submitted, our team will be in touch with you to discuss next steps.

Contact our coaching team on +44 (0)20 7908 4818 or