Unlock individual potential. Transform collective behaviours. Build teams that are connected, collaborative and courageous.

Our High Performance Team Coaching brings a blended approach of individual and group sessions to meet complex needs, and builds individual and team performance. We transform personal and collective behaviours for success by curating a bespoke programme of modules, taught one-to-one and in teams, to empower leaders to earn trust and inspire followship.

This programme is especially valuable for executive teams, boards, newly formed c-suite teams following M&A, and teams going through significant periods of change or challenge.

What can my team expect?

  • Individuals and teams equipped and empowered with behaviours for success
  • Ability to lead with confidence and credibility
  • Teams that are aligned on shared values, embody these authentically, and communicate these brilliantly both internally and externally.
  • Teams that meet change and challenge with curiosity and collaboration
  • Creation of a shared behavioural language, whilst enabling individual strengths to shine through
  • Organisational trust in leadership
  • Team equipped to provide each other with on-going feedback and support, based on the shared learning experience

Further details

Off-site and overseas

  • We can deliver coaching away from RADA if this suits you better, or internationally if you are not based in the UK. Additional lead performance director/venue expenses may apply

In-person or virtual

  • Coaching can be delivered in-person, virtually, or through a blend of both, according to your needs throughout your programme.


Contact our coaching team on +44 (0)20 7908 4818 or coaching@radabusiness.com