Benefit from focused attention on your personal objectives.

One-to-one coaching sessions are completely bespoke and our tutors will address individual needs in depth within a supportive environment. Your tutor will continue to assess your objectives throughout the coaching relationship, and your areas of personal development can be adapted as you progress.

We match you with a specific tutor depending on the communication skills you wish to focus on, to ensure you get the most out of your training and achieve your goals.

We recommend booking a series of four x two-hour sessions spread out over a number of weeks or months. This allows you time to put your training into practice during your coaching.

  • Prepare for presentations or interviews
  • Reduce anxiety in relation to public speaking
  • Remain calm and overcome nerves
  • Develop your communication skills and techniques
  • Work on specific feedback from appraisals
  • Acquire gravitas
  • Master personal impact
  • Grow your confidence
  • Improve your vocal presence
  • Focus on body language
  • Learn how to influence others in meetings


  • Pre-coaching questionnaire to establish your aims and match you with a tutor
  • Receive your tutor's CV before booking

Further details


  • We can deliver coaching in-house if you have a number of employees who require training
  • We're happy to explore how we can maximise your training budget if you'd like us to coach a number of people

Off-site and overseas

  • We can deliver coaching away from RADA if this suits you better, or internationally if you are not based in the UK. Additional tutor/venue expenses may apply
  • Full-day coaching is available if you are travelling from overseas and have limited time in London
I managed to get the promotion I was seeking, with two people who initially were quite vocal around my communication style not being good enough, now recommending me as someone who sets the standard. People have latched on and want to know the secret to my success – and that is RADA.
Head of Investment Bank Payments at major UK Bank

How to book

Contact Emma Moss on +44 (0)20 7908 4818 or