Fail when it doesn't matter. Succeed when it does.

Done successfully, competitive selling is more than a slick pitch. You need to uncover the buyer’s decision-making criteria, analyse the competition, strengthen your competitive position, and then pitch so you become their clear first choice.

Theory alone isn’t enough

Even where sales teams have an established process for competitive bids, simply knowing what to do doesn't automatically mean they can do it well in practice.

We combine the best in sales theory with the best in performance, supporting sales teams with the strategies and behaviours to win again – and again.

Theory and its practical application

We can equip your team with a potent combination of practice, expert input coaching and feedback. We activate theory, shifting it from knowledge to behaviour, moving it from your head to your body, which sustains performance and resilience well into the future.

We then create realistic, high-pressure situations to put your skills to the test. We'll challenge you and your team. When handled skilfully, failure produces moments of insight and sticky learning. You will leave with a blueprint for winning.


  • A comprehensive and professional approach that delivers results
  • A robust, repeatable process which provides a roadmap for continued success
  • Clear differentiation from your competitors to ease buyer decision-making
  • Confidence in persuading and inspiring challenging audiences, influencing hearts and minds
  • Invigorate your distinctive brand throughout, ensuring consistency and credibility
  • Convey a clear sense of what it would be like to work with you, accelerating a successful resolution
We won the pitch you helped us with, a £30m contract. Thank you.

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