Course overview

Stepping into Leadership is a two-day course designed for those who are in the early stages of a leadership role, keen to refine the practical skills needed to achieve their own leadership ambitions alongside the goals of their team.

It's highly creative and boundary-pushing, drawing on the techniques of improvisation to bring greater presence, confidence and clarity to day-to-day leadership decisions. You'll also learn how to inspire a culture of collaboration at work.

By incorporating role-play work and presentation rehearsals, you'll get in-the-room feedback - giving you an insight into the impact you're having on others.

A maximum participant/tutor ratio of ten to two provides a high level of individual attention, coaching and feedback.

  • Build your confidence and presence
  • Empower others whilst holding your own status
  • Learn how to communicate difficult feedback with clarity and empathy
  • Understand how you come across to others
  • Gain awareness of how stressful situations can affect your role
  • Learn physical and vocal techniques to enhance your impact
  • Use personal stories to deliver your message with authenticity
  • Set and communicate a clear vision and objectives
  • Set your stage as a leader in any situation


  • Trained actors will work with you on a practical, personal leadership challenge

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