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The Leading Role is our flagship programme to equip experienced leaders to excel at the highest level.

Being an influential leader demands skills far beyond technical expertise. It requires sophisticated and nuanced communication, underpinned by the critical ability to flex leadership style – allowing you to authentically handle the varied challenges you face as a leader and to execute your vision.

The Leading Role encompasses in-person group learning and one-to-one coaching. It promises to take you out of your comfort zone, challenge you to grow and expand your thinking through a creative and rigorous approach. Bridge the gap between the leader you are today and the leader you want to become.

You will explore, experiment and be guided through proven leadership models – including their theory and rigorous practical application – in order to perform at the highest level with the greatest skill. Through this intensive and highly practical programme, you will experience simulated scenarios played out alongside our world-class RADA Business actors and role players.

Develop your own authentic and credible leadership style, learning from the others in your group and world-leading performance tutors. A maximum participant/tutor ratio of ten to two provides a high level of individual attention, coaching, and feedback.

In addition to three classroom-based learning days, participants receive three, two-hour individual coaching sessions with a specifically matched tutor.

Advanced Level only – aimed at those with significant leadership experience. Please contact us if you are uncertain that this is for you.


  • Ability to adapt and flex, within the leadership style models
  • Equipped to manage status – of yourself and others – to elicit powerful outcomes
  • Boosted resilience and ability to manage stress under pressure
  • Brilliant leadership presence and gravitas, and able to hold space with skill
  • Fine-tuned control of body language to instil trust
  • Ability to flex language and tone of voice to influence others
  • Congruence between vocal and physical language
  • Prepared for major leadership events


The programme was so different to any other form of corporate training. It truly is like no course I have ever done, anywhere, in twenty years. It is a special experience – I can’t quite put my finger on it. It was incredibly useful to be able to practise the skills I had been taught in a safe, non-judgmental environment, and to receive feedback within that group setting.
John Bromley, Head of Clean Energy, Legal and General

''Practical skills by the bucket load that I'll be able to use immediately."

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