Course overview

Crafting Compelling Content explores how we can creatively design engaging messages and content that really connect with your audience. Develop a range of techniques – including use of language, characters and the voice we can take on as a speaker – to move our audience. Weaving in the power of stories we look at how they work, why we are so drawn to them, and the ways in which we can apply this essential human characteristic to create powerful messages at work.

Learn how to connect with your audience

Presenting compelling content helps us to build empathy and understanding, no matter what message we are delivering. Whether intending to motivate, to challenge, to inform or to unify, carefully pitched content empowers us to communicate with our audience in a deeper way. This intensive and practical two-day programme will give you the tools to craft the most compelling content, ensuring your messages land with impact.

What else can you expect?

  • You will learn a framework for creating content that supports your business strategy and objectives
  • You will explore ways to use your personal experiences when presenting or addressing your team
  • You will work on preparing your own unique content, and practice different ways of presenting it

The small group size enables your tutor to provide you with a high level of individual attention and feedback.

All Levels welcome. Please contact us if you are uncertain that this is for you.


  • Learn techniques to increase the power of your communication, and unlock your ability to tell meaningful stories in your own authentic style
  • Ability to present complex information and data in an engaging and understandable way
  • Understand how to 'hook' an audience and engage them from the offset
  • Learn effective structures you can re-use
  • Techniques to help you sustain the audience's interest, as you communicate with confidence
  • Understand the power of language and the relationships it builds
  • Learn a range of skills to develop flexibility, authenticity, and impact
  • Become a more skilled and confident communicator
A range of bulletproof techniques which will allow me to interact with others in a way such that they listen and are deeply influenced by my message.
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