Acting skills workshops

We've trained the stars of stage and screen - now let us train you. By using the skills and techniques of actors, you will develop a greater understanding of the importance of creativity, practice, presence, vocal power - and learn how to hold an audience's attention.



Stage Combat

Singing workshop

You don't need any previous singing experience to take part in One Voice. It’s a fun exploration into ‘finding your voice’ as a collective, as well as an excellent opportunity to learn new skills from a world-class vocal coach.

One Voice

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Tailored training

Every organisation and individual has unique and varied needs. We create truly transformative learning experiences based around your objectives and type of business.

Learn with us

Women's masterclasses

We tailor our women's masterclasses to the event and audience, creating practical experiences lasting between 90 minutes and two hours. Each masterclass gives up to 80 women a taste of our training, and can be adapted to a range of conferences and events.

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