Grow more than you dare to imagine. Benefit from bespoke support and direction on all aspects of your leadership, and transform your performance. The Elite Performance Programme is our flagship coaching programme for senior leaders, and is particularly valuable if you're going through a career transition such as a C-suite succession, working through a board nomination, operating in a new environment, or driving complex organisational change.

It transforms the behaviours of high-potential individuals by giving undivided access to our most experienced performance directors, who curate your personal leadership journey. Following an in-depth, diagnostic session with your lead performance director, we devise a bespoke learning journey over 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. This is designed to meet both your immediate needs, such as high-profile speeches and media appearances, and your long-term leadership goals and aspirations.

The rigour of your programme is ensured by your lead performance director and other RADA Business tutors and experts, who enrich your capabilities, skills and overall experience. Examples of additional expertise include anatomical voice work, sessions dedicated to strategy, and role-play actors who simulate your business environment.

What can I expect?

  • Habituated behavioural change for enhanced performance
  • Capability and confidence to lead at the highest level
  • Clarity on personal leadership values and purpose
  • Ability to inspire others and bring people with you
  • Resourced to lead through challenge and change with ease and flexibility
  • Equipped with practical skills to lead complex organisations and manage competing priorities
  • Prepared to play a full part in determining future strategy of the organisation; able to speak up, be heard, and have impact

Programme components

  • A journey mapping session with a senior member of the RADA Business team to identify and explore your key priorities and upcoming milestones
  • Three-hour diagnostic session with your performance director
  • Senior member of the RADA Business team to curate your journey
  • RADA Business tutors with specialist leadership knowledge
  • Additional experts from across RADA and our network
  • Opportunities to attend leadership courses and network with other leaders
  • Scenario work with highly skilled role-play actors to embed new skills in your own leadership context

Further details

Off-site and overseas

  • We can deliver coaching away from RADA if this suits you better, or internationally if you are not based in the UK. Additional lead performance director/venue expenses may apply

In-person or virtual

  • Coaching can delivered in-person, virtually, or through a blend of both, according to your needs throughout your programme.

Leadership is a laboratory of possibility, presentation, and performance, and this a critical area of practice in RADA's work with students, educators, and professionals.…They have much to offer us in academia, business, and policymaking.
Prof. Jonathan Heron, Director at Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning, Warwick University


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