“I was introduced to RADA Business through one of their tutors who thought it would be beneficial for myself and my team. One of my key objectives for the business was to improve the integration of colleagues who didn’t spend a lot of time together during the working week.

The training instantly helped to break down nervous feelings. The tutor was highly experienced and made everyone feel completely at ease. The feedback from the training has been phenomenal and has really helped with the integration process in the workplace. It enabled the team to solve numerous challenges, for example, we had one person who has now overcome their anxieties with speaking to people in different areas of the business.

Since I sent delegates on the training, I also decided it would be helpful to have a one-to-one coaching session myself, as I understood how good the tutors are at RADA Business.

I had an important presentation coming up and wanted to learn how to be more impactful when presenting. What I learnt from the training was how to use my body and breath to create impact, through planting my feet firmly on the floor and using diaphragmatic breathing exercises. Whilst these may have been simple techniques, I don’t think you learn this style as well with any other training provider.

We will continue to use RADA Business for our future training needs, and I still get feedback from employees that it’s their favourite training course. We do some training in-house at our offices with the RADA Business tutors, but we especially enjoy training at RADA, as it feels like we are walking on the floorboards where many famous actors have walked before. I would highly recommend the training.”

About Abigail and Stella McCartney

Abigail has held several HR roles across the UK within the fashion industry, spending the last 22 years of her career in the sector.