Our research reports comprise the views and experiences of 3,000 business people from across the UK, as well as insights from the global web index (GWI), to provide advice on how to overcome workplace performance anxiety, a lack of improvisation skills, and the ways you can communicate with greater clarity and impact as a leader both virtually and in-person.

The new art of business

Our newest research report takes fascinating insights from the working population's response to virtual workplaces, the positives and the negatives, and contextualises it for the leaders of today to help rethink the art of leadership performance.

As 32% of homeworking leaders are now fearful about how they can create a sense of company culture for all, including remote employees and satellite offices. What can you do to support your team and resource yourself in an ever changing environment?

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Thinking on your feet

Our latest research report positions improvisation as an art form that can be learned by anyone, allowing business professionals to think on their feet and respond 'in the moment' with greater confidence.

It looks into the key factors holding workers back from improvising and thinking more creatively, with insights from our tutors on how you and your workplace can become more open to new ideas.

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Beating workplace performance anxiety

A research report highlighting how communication skills play a crucial part in beating workplace performance anxiety, the business world’s equivalent to stage fright, revealing that 29% of UK employees believe that professional training would increase their self-confidence.

It also lists the situations that induce worry the most, from job interviews to having to make small talk with colleagues, and provides advice on how to overcome your nerves.

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All the workplace is a stage

Our research report highlights how the art of communication plays a key part in professional success.

It focuses on how many business professionals lack confidence in their ability to communicate as well as they would like to, and includes helpful insights from our tutors on how to make your entrance through to adapting your leadership style.

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