Our approach is based on two key elements: an emphasis on the individual, and the expertise of our tutors and performers. It’s this combination that makes us one of the world’s most respected training organisations.

Personal focus

The way we use our body, breath and voice has a huge impact on how we’re perceived by others. By working one-to-one or in small groups we show you how to transform your communication style. And we apply the following three principles:

  • Self-awareness. Becoming more aware of your communication habits is the first step to building and improving on them.
  • Practice. It’s not enough to recite a set of principles. To really learn something you need to do it, and keep doing it.
  • Feedback. Getting good quality feedback can really improve your performance: our tutors are some of the best in the business.

Unmatched experience

Our techniques have been developed over generations: RADA has set the standard in the performing arts since 1904 and has trained many of the world’s most respected actors.

Over the last couple of decades, we’ve also built up a reputation for our corporate work, by making RADA’s ideas relevant in a business context. When we talk about learning skills from actors, it’s got nothing to do with being inauthentic or becoming a different person. It’s about delivering your best performance, and being able to do so consistently. Whoever you are.

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