Angela Eagle, MP and contender for the Labour leadership, came under the scrutiny of seasoned broadcaster John Humphrys this morning (12 July) on BBC Radio 4’s 'Today' Programme. “Do we really want somebody who weeps?” he asked of her.

It’s an interesting question. Our leaders of today are expected to be inscrutable: examples of controlled, poised statesmanship. Yet ironically, we as humans build greater rapport and trust with those who show us their authentic selves.

So how do our leaders of today flex their styles to match the leadership modes they need to operate within, on a daily basis? RADA Business run courses on all aspects of communication, including our embodied leadership programme. We examine how you resource yourself, to access qualities which enable you to be authoritative one minute, inspirational the next, flexible, stable or creative.

“There’s more than one way to be a leader,” responded Eagle to Humphrys' question. She may well have a point…

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Alison Sutherland, Client Director