RADA Business tutor, Adrian Kirk, explains how practical communication skills training will help individuals to meet their aspirations and talks about his new book on the subject.

Being effective in achieving our aspirations is influenced by many factors. However, if we have practical tips on how to behave differently we are more likely to achieve that which we desire.

For example, by acting out the physical and vocal mannerisms reflective of the type of person we aspire to become, we are seen as being effective. But could that all be a front? It’s certainly true to say that the more we practise adopting the traits of successful people the more we become the successful person. Yet, working in people development for thirteen years, I’ve identified that implementing a fundamental mindset shift frees us to truly own these behavioural shifts.

Exploring the mindset of a character enables the actor to understand what drives or blocks the role they are preparing to step into. With this foundation of a character in place, they then layer on physical and vocal mannerisms to reflect the style of the character. But in each action the character takes the actor must understand the internal state that generates the action. At RADA Business, we teach people from all walks of life not just to act the part they play in business, but to understand the internal factors that inspire such actions.

In my book, Pieces of the Possible, I show that changes we wish to make can only effectively take place when we have fully chosen to implement them. Written as a story, Pieces of the Possible introduces us to two main characters: Tom and Gabriel. Tom is in a coma, following an accident he caused, where he meets Gabriel who takes him on a thought-provoking journey, encouraging him to assess his life and actions to date.

As the story progresses Gabriel essentially asks Tom to become more self-aware and take more responsibility for the decisions he has made; decisions that have influenced how he has behaved and therefore what he has achieved or failed to achieve. As you are drawn into reading, so you are drawn into becoming more aware of your own thoughts and actions, and begin to assess whether you, the reader, would like to create changes of your own.

But creating change isn’t about simply acting the change; it’s about being genuine both in the desire for and application of change.

I’m sure you’ll agree that when an actor comes across as authentic, we as the audience are drawn in to relate to the character they play. So it is with the self awareness training we deliver at RADA Business; we help non-actors to engage with themselves and their reason for speaking. From this bedrock we show them how to physically and vocally step into becoming the types of the people they aspire to be. But, just as the actor must understand the internal drivers, we must all pull our internal perspective in line to match the outward portrayal we wish seen. At RADA Business we offer you the chance to understand the internal factors that influence the appearance of success and, in so doing, influence the outcomes of numerous professional scenarios.

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