Virtual Performance Programmes

  • Small group training online - 1 tutor, up to 8 delegates.
  • 1-2 modules per day, scheduled around you.
  • Each module has a maximum length of 2.5 hours.
  • Real-time feedback, individual attention, and coaching.
  • Five programmes to choose from.

Looking for something bespoke?

We can design something to meet the specific needs of your organisation, or team – just ask us.

Introduction to Leading in a Virtual Environment (4 modules)
Introduction to Storytelling for Business (4 modules)
Introduction to Personal Impact in Virtual Meetings (3 modules)
Introduction to Presenting Made Brilliant (2 modules)
Introduction to Personal Impact (2 modules)

Virtual Performance Masterclasses

  • Short group training experiences online.
  • Tailored to your staff’s needs.

Communication Skills (up to 2 hours)

For larger groups
An introduction to our training. Choose a skill for your company to practise. We offer sessions designed for women in business, leadership, presenting, or impact.

Lunch and Learns (60 minutes)

For up to 10 people
Great for wellbeing. Fun, active, and experiential, enjoy one theme per session. Choose from: improvisation, poetry, Shakespeare, voice, or team building games.

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