“I first heard about RADA Business at the Women of the World Festival (WOW) in London, where one of the tutors led a masterclass offering an hour-long taster of the women’s programme. I thought the masterclass offered an innovative way to learn new skills and that more training like this could help with my career and personal development.

A year after the WOW Festival, I signed up to do one-to-one coaching sessions, but the idea had always been in the back of my mind. I thought it could be an effective way to help me build on my presence at work, especially coming from the technology industry, which can be particularly male dominated. It seemed relevant to me because I was able to set my own personal goals for the sessions.

The Client Manager who handles the one-to-one coaching was very friendly and was able to talk through my specific needs over the phone to help to match me with the best tutor. There was a great level of communication and I felt at ease straight away.

My tutor immediately understood what I was hoping to achieve. She came from a background of acting and had worked to help more naturally introverted people make more of an impact, and to present themselves with gravitas. She understood the challenges I was facing in my working environment and knew which specific training methods would help. This meant we could start to progress in helping me to build confidence in challenging situations.

Altogether, I had three one-to-one coaching sessions with RADA Business and I enjoyed all the aspects of what this offered me. Not only did I learn more in terms of personal perception, but also I learnt exercises to increase energy and manage nerves. This was assessed through how I was using my body language and voice, so that I could learn how to release my own ability to remain calm in different situations.

I have never experienced such personal training like this one-to-one coaching before - any in-house training sessions in my workplace are off the shelf and don’t meet the needs of the individual. Everyone has different goals and requirements they are looking to achieve, so I felt like this was far more effective.

RADA Business is a prestigious organisation and their one-to-one coaching sessions are a great investment into your personal development as well as your career. You can adapt these skills into various new working environments and personal situations, to help grow as an individual.”

About our client

Our client completed three one-to-one coaching sessions with RADA Business. She has built an established career within the technology industry, progressing to a senior management role where she oversaw people, clients and jobs within her company, as well as providing strategic direction for her team.