Course overview

There are no dress rehearsals for a live press interview. A bad interview can result in misconstrued messages, and even reputational damage.

This intensive two-day programme will enable you to confidently handle any type of live or recorded media interview or presentation, including television and radio broadcasts.

Become a trusted and confident spokesperson for your company

Created for representatives who are required to speak publicly about their company, this essential programme will ensure that you deliver your messages with credibility and equip you with the tools to hold your space and manage your content, in the face of the most tough or challenging of interviews.

You will receive media training from two expert and highly experienced tutors: a qualified voice coach specialist on day one, and an experienced journalist and media training expert on day two.

Interview rehearsals

Three interview types will be prepared and practised:

  1. The promotional interview – requiring you to create excitement and inspiration with your audience when promoting (for example) a new offering, strategy or identity.
  2. The crisis interview – enabling you to manage your message with credibility and clarity in order to reaffirm trust in yourself and/or your company; to reduce the heat from an urgent situation.
  3. The issues interview – allowing you to flex between the two styles of credibility and inspiration: soothing issues and highlighting value.


  • Interview experience: practical real time and recorded interviews in front of mics and cameras, with on the spot replay, feedback and coaching
  • The ability to manage messages and narrative: sticking to core messages; bridging phrases; handling interruptions and distractions; spotting diversion techniques; influencing the viewer’s response, landing messages with clarity and skill
  • Advanced communication skills: body language, vocal presence, state management
  • Ability to optimise a media technologies to your advantage, including cameras, microphones, screens, phones and face-to-face
  • Key learnings from successful and catastrophic interviews on film

Optional one-to-one coaching

  • We advise a follow-up one-to-one coaching session after day-two, to support you with the specific development area that your tutors will identify during the course. This is optional and we can provide you with a quote once you book. Please email us to discuss.

A maximum participant/tutor ratio of four to two provides a high level of individual attention, coaching and feedback.

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