Kevin Chapman, Director of RADA Business

This month I had the pleasure of joining our latest company of RADA actors for a week as they set sail to perform shows on Cunard’s flagship; the Queen Mary 2.

Performing in the fully equipped Royal Court Theatre, over 1,000 guests enjoyed abridged versions of Pride and Prejudice (in “moderate” seas) and Romeo and Juliet (in “slight” seas). It was fascinating to watch the actors maintain their composure and sure footedness during the more stormy days in the North Atlantic. Watching Juliet apply performance techniques to stay steady on the balcony reminded me just how powerful these skills are when we teach to people in business to hold their space and confidence.

The cast stays on the ship for its full 4 week tour performing these shows plus running acting workshops and storytelling sessions for the 2,000 or so guests, all as part of Cunard’s overall entertainment offering. This trip took them from Southampton to New York, Quebec and back.

The company will be back in London, performing Pride and Prejudice for one night only in our RADA Studios on the 19 October. Contact Kate Welsh if you would like to join us.